Here at peta2, we know a thing or two about doughnuts. So it’s no surprise that we’re stoked about our favorite holiday: National Doughnut Day! This glorious day falls on June 6 this year, so we’ve put together a list of the top six vegan-friendly doughnut shops in the United States.

The peta2 Los Angeles staff on a field trip to our fave spot, Donut Friend.

The peta2 Los Angeles staff on a field trip to our fave spot, Donut Friend.

The egg and dairy industries cause extreme suffering to chickens and cows and harm the environment, but you don’t have to give up tasty treats to save animals and the planet! These shops make it easy to indulge your sweet tooth without harming anyone.

1. Mighty-O Donuts
Seattle, Washington

Mighty-O Donuts began serving its original cake doughnut recipe at street fairs in 2000. In 2003, the shop opened its doors to a full-time business, which now serves customers seven days a week. With a selection of 40 doughnuts, 12 of which rotate seasonally, Mighty-O is awesome. If you’re not convinced yet, just wait until you hear about its bestseller: the French Toast doughnut, a warm spice cake doughnut with maple glaze, cinnamon, and a powdered sugar dusting. Mmmmm …

Mighty-o doughnuts

2. Vegan Treats
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

The name says it all! Vegan Treats has a seemingly endless selection of delicious doughnuts. Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel, Tiramisu, Vanilla Soy Chai, Peanut Butter Crunch, and Pumpkin Mousse are just a few. But the shop is best known for its Boston Cream doughnut.

Vegan Treats doughnuts

3. Ronald’s Donuts
Las Vegas, Nevada

Ronald’s Donuts’ Las Vegas storefront has two shelves of vegan options. Its selection includes cinnamon rolls, turnovers, bear claws, and raspberry, lemon, and soy custard doughnuts. Have you ever heard of an apple burrito? After you visit Ronald’s, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to live without one. Anytime a PETA or peta2 staffer from Los Angeles is near Las Vegas, he or she always makes a point of stopping at Ronald’s and filling up on the best-tasting doughnuts in Nevada.

Ronalds doughnuts

4. Pepples Organic Donuts
Oakland, San Francisco, and Berkeley, California

Since 2007, Pepples Organic Donuts has been offering customers all over the Bay Area sweet treats that are as good for the taste buds as they are for the environment. All ingredients are organic, and Pepples places an emphasis on recycled, reusable cups, plates, and paper goods. The shop’s vegan menu offers more than 30 choices. The standouts are the Double Blueberry, the Salted Caramel, and the intriguing Whiskey Tangerine Fig.

Pebbles dougnuts

5. Tandem Doughnuts
Missoula, Montana

Every Saturday, Tandem Doughnuts brings its pastries (which are all vegan and gluten-free) to the Clark Fork farmer’s market. The shop strives to create at least one new doughnut flavor each week, so there’s always a surprise in store. To name just a few, there’s the Coffee Glazed With Chocolate Ganache, Strawberry Basil, Mexican Chocolate, and Cinnamon O’s. Its most popular flavor is Lemon Lavender.

Tandem Doughnuts

6. Le Cave’s Bakery
Tucson, Arizona

Le Cave’s Bakery is a groundbreaker. It’s been serving its doughnuts completely free of animal products since 1935, and with all those years of experience, it’s perfected the recipe. Le Cave’s offers doughnuts filled with mango, strawberry, lemon, raspberry, or cinnamon-apple. It also has the very best of the classics, with glazed, maple, powdered, and chocolate doughnuts.

le caves doughnuts

Honorable Mentions

We have so much love for doughnuts that it was hard to list just six shops. Here are some other great shops that you need to check out!

1. Voodoo Doughnut
Portland and Eugene, Oregon, and Denver, Colorado

Voodoo Doughnut has 14 already vegan items on its menu, but the possibilities don’t stop there. As long as the toppings are vegan, any doughnut on the menu can be veganized if it is pre-ordered. Not only does Voodoo offer custom ingredients, it also can make its doughnuts into various shapes, sizes, and designs. For example, one of the most popular items is the Voodoo Doll doughnut, a raised yeast doughnut that is filled with raspberry jelly, topped with chocolate icing, and shaped like a voodoo doll and that comes complete with a pretzel stick for stabbing!

voodoo doughnut

2. Donut Friend
Los Angeles, California

Donut Friend is a favorite among the peta2 staff in Los Angeles. Donut Friend’s doughnuts are vegan, and most of its toppings are vegan as well. Since the shop makes doughnut combinations to order, Donut Friend says it has “literally thousands” of unique vegan options. One of the many greats is the Jets to Basil. This doughnut is filled with strawberry jam and vegan cream cheese and topped with fresh basil and a balsamic vinaigrette. It’s hard to imagine that you’d find delectable combos like that anywhere else.

Donut Friend

Do you have a favorite vegan doughnut shop or bakery in your area? Let us know about it! Don’t live near any of these delicious shops? ROAD TRIP!!! Or, you could try out peta2’s easy vegan doughnut recipe and make them at home. I’m not even kidding—this actually works!

vegan doughnut biscuit recipe

Happy eating!