Are you a picky eater? I’m personally not the biggest fan of raw onions, sprouts, or raisins, but whatevs.

Picky or not, there are a whole bunch animal-derived ingredients (commonly found in grocery and drugstore products) that are seriously nasty beyond belief/worthy of being picky about. Here are five of the the grossest (and sneakiest) animal ingredients:

Rex Roof / CC by 2.0

  • LardFat from hog abdomens. It’s commonly found in shaving creams, soaps, cosmetics, baked goods, French fries, refried beans, and other foods. Alternative: veggie oils.
  • Gelatin – Protein obtained by boiling skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones (from cows and pigs) in water. It’s commonly found in candies, marshmallows, cakes, ice cream, yogurts and beauty products. One word: Dandies. ? Eat ’em!
  • Honey – Honey may seem harmless but not only is it cruel and not vegan, but it’s bee barf. Read all about the regurgitation process here. Try agave instead; it tastes just like honey, comes from a plant, and is mega delish!
  • Carmine – Red pigment from crushed bugs (the cochineal insect, specifically). It’s found in cosmetics, shampoos, beverages, candies and lots of red colored foods. There are a bunch of synthetic food coloring options, so we can leave those poor lil’ bugs alone.
  • Castor Creamy substance with strong odor from muskrat and beaver genitals. It’s found in some perfumes and incense. Zoiks! I think I’ll just stick to my essential oils, thank you.

I’ve provided this list because I know if someone had clued me into this nastiness many moons ago, I would have been so grateful and probably would have ditched these things long before I had! So, if you’re not down to eat crushed bugs, bee barf and boiled bones and tendons, don’t you think it’s time to go vegan already? 😉

For a complete list of animal-derived ingredients, click here.