Beyoncé’s lights-out performance at Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans this past Sunday left the Internet ablaze. No blog has gone Bey-free since the electrifying halftime show. Although plenty of attention has been paid to Mrs. Carter for her performance, let’s take a moment to recognize those who truly helped make Beyoncé the center of attention:

Beyoncé’s gruesome leather bodysuit would not have been possible without the help of animals like these being electrocuted, beaten to death, or skinned alive:

burmese python
Tambako the Jaguar | CC by 2.0 

green iguana image
artur.pedziwilk | CC by 2.0 

Cows with ear tags
Photo: dcysurfer / Dave Young | CC by 2.0 

Before Beyoncé takes center stage again, I suggest that she take a look at whose skin she’s in and remember that being beautiful means being compassionate.