It’s not just a trend! More and more black celebrities are going vegan. Here’s why:

For starters, going vegan means that fewer animals suffer on filthy, cramped factory farms and are slaughtered for meat. It means a healthier diet, with less saturated fat and no bad cholesterol that causes damage to our arteries. And it means and a better, cleaner environment.

Now with that being said, check out our newest list of black celebs you didn’t know were vegan. You might be pleasantly surprised to see one of your faves.

1. Raury


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Raury is a singer-songwriter who has introduced conscious music to today’s hip-hop culture. After witnessing the many illnesses plaguing the black community as a result of eating a diet rich in meat, dairy products, and eggs, he decided to go vegan. He now hopes to own a chain of vegan fast-food restaurants one day.

2. Jhene Aiko

Jhené Aiko is an R&B singer from Southern California. She was named PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2016 and is very proud of and vocal about her vegan lifestyle—she has no problem letting people know that she’s vegan.

3. Venus Williams

Venus Williams is a professional tennis player who was born and raised in Compton, California, alongside her sister, Serena. She adopted a vegan lifestyle to help combat health issues, after she was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition in 2011, and to enhance her performance on the court.

4. Colin Kaepernick

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San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick—who made the news last year after he took a knee during the national anthem—went vegan after learning that our bodies become highly acidic when we consume food products made from animals, which can lead to preventable illnesses later on down the road. He’s stated that his new vegan diet has not affected his ability to put on muscle for his super-physical career.

5. Erykah Badu

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Erykah Badu is a neo-soul singer and an inspiration to many in the black vegan community, as she’s been vegan for over 20 years. She’s best known for her single “Tyrone” as well as her funny and witty comebacks on social media to internet trolls. Let’s not forget to mention her unique fashion sense—she’s often seen wearing tall brimmed hats and other bold statement pieces (all animal-free, of course). In 2016, she hosted a small vegan dinner party for her friends in honor of the Soul Train Music Awards to showcase cruelty-free soul food.

6. Mýa

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R&B singer Mýa teamed up with PETA in 2016 for its “Go Vegan” campaign, which informed people about vegan eating and the easy steps they can take to ditch animal-derived foods. Not only is she a beauty, she’s also compassionate toward animals.

7. RZA

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RZA is a member of one of rap’s most iconic groups, the Wu-Tang Clan. He chooses to leave animals off his plate, and in 2015, he received honors from PETA for his healthy vegan lifestyle.

These are just a few of the many black celebs that have embraced a vegan diet and lifestyle for the better. ?

In black culture, many people were raised on soul food that’s bad for their health. Almost half of all black people will develop hypertension in their lifetime. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a condition that often precedes the number one killer in the world: heart disease. When we consume meat and dairy products, we aren’t just hurting animals—we are also hurting ourselves.

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