BØRNS is full of love and compassion for big cats in circuses. This rock-god-in-the-making has a huge soft spot for animals and an electrifying, powerful voice that he’s using to speak up for them.

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As a multi-talented musician who loves to spread his sensational, melodic vibes to adoring audiences around the world, BØRNS understands the long hours spent on tour all too well. Traveling for weeks or months at a time can be rough for any human. But unlike big cats used in traveling circuses, he can choose whether to perform. In an exclusive interview with peta2, he talks about his sympathy for big cats still used in traveling circuses. Check it out!

“I choose to perform, but animals in the circus don’t get to make that choice.”—BØRNS

Big cats are often forced to live inside cramped cages. They eat, drink, sleep, and even defecate in the same space. To make matters worse, circus trainers use pain and fear to force them to perform meaningless tricks for human entertainment.

Being locked inside a cage for long periods of time causes stress, and such cramped conditions often lead to serious psychological issues. Big cats pace back and forth and mutilate themselves, which is a sign of distress.

What You Can Do to Help Big Cats

  • Pledge never to go to a circus that uses animals. There are so many circuses that use only extremely talented, willing human performers.

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