It’s my view that if a being is capable of suffering, then the suffering should be minimized. … And that’s why I believe in animal rights.

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Mr. Brett—otherwise known as Brett Gurewitz, founding member of seminal punk band Bad Religion as well as Epitaph Records and Black Mask Studios (home of the awe-inspiring “Liberator” comic book that follows the story of two hardcore animal rights activists)—is a remarkably driven entrepreneur. He has seen a lot over the years and has a lot to say (cuz, let’s face it: Bad Religion is only one of the most influential and politically driven punk bands ever), especially when it comes to animal rights and the fate of captive animals.

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I don’t feel that animals should be kept in zoos. I don’t feel that animals should be kept in inhumane conditions.

Animals are not ours to use for entertainment. Most people go to circuses, zoos, or marine parks because they love animals. They have no idea what’s really going on behind the scenes or how unnatural it is for animals to be captured, confined, and forced to perform for our entertainment.

At circuses, animals spend most of their lives chained in boxcars and never get to live and interact freely with other animals like they would in the wild.

Zoos teach people that it is acceptable to interfere with animals and keep them locked up in captivity, where they are bored, cramped, lonely, deprived of all control over their lives, and far from their natural homes.

Marine parks like SeaWorld give orcas and dolphins nothing more than what is essentially a concrete bathtub to live in. Forced to perform for large, noisy crowds, orcas become frustrated, bored, and aggressive. Further, many captive animals imprisoned at SeaWorld’s theme parks have become the victims of unnecessary tragedies.

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