You know what’s cruel AF? Grown-ass adults (or anyone else) spurring terrified horses ? and slamming scared calves to the ground. You know what’s not important or needed in today’s society? Yep, you got it—a rodeo event called “calf roping” (or “tie down roping”). It’s extremely cruel, extremely dangerous, and extremely archaic. But a few bullies still participate.?

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During calf-roping events, horseback riders yank calves’ necks backward while the animals are running at full speed. Countless calves have sustained broken backs and necks as a result.? Not surprisingly, sometimes ropers miss the calves’ necks and end up dragging the animals by one or more of their legs.?

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As if being roped weren’t cruel enough, the calves are then picked up and slammed to the ground, which can result in other fractures and internal bleeding. Their legs are tied tightly together while the rope around their neck gets tighter and tighter.? It’s shocking that people don’t realize how shameful it truly is to participate in such events.

All rodeo events are cruel, and animals routinely die.? Their broken bodies are usually dragged out of the arena, and announcers rarely mention the animals’ fates. It’s?not?a?”sport”?when?there?are?unwilling?participants.

Animals used in rodeos are subjected to abusive conditions in order to guarantee that they’ll perform as paying customers expect. ? For example, without the use of tail-twisting, bucking straps cinched around their abdomens, and spurs, horses typically wouldn’t buck.

Would you abuse a dog ? or a cat ? like this? Of course not! And just because calves, horses, and bulls look different, it doesn’t mean that they don’t feel the same pain, joy, and fear as the animals you might share your home with.

Ready to buck the rodeo? Don’t support this barbaric cruelty, never buy a ticket to a rodeo, and ask others you know to do the same.