Does this make you sick? You’re not the only one.

More than 1.9 MILLION people have already watched our undercover exposé and learned more about the tragic lives of rabbits on angora farms. After having discussions with PETA and watching PETA Asia’s investigative footage, PVH Corp.—the parent company of Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, IZOD, ARROW, Van Heusen, and other brands—has confirmed that it’s pulling from its shelves and banning any products made with angora! Super-popular and fashion-forward retailers H&M and Topshop ceased the production of any items made with angora after seeing the video and H&M welcomes customers to return angora products bought at the store for a full refund. However, H&M and TopShop continue to sell off their remaining stocks of cruely-produced angora products.

bunny pic 1 copy

On angora factory farms, rabbits have their fur violently ripped out of their sensitive skin while they’re fully conscious and screaming in pain. They must endure this torture every three months.

Angora rabbit fur plucking

Rabbits who have their fur cut or sheared instead of plucked also suffer. Their limbs are bound, and their bodies are stretched out …

angora rabbit fur cutting

And the cutting tools almost always leave them wounded as they struggle desperately to escape.

angora rabbit fur cutting with scissors

After experiencing such extreme pain, some rabbits go into shock and are unable to move once they’re returned to their filthy, cramped cages.

Angora rabbit after fur plucking

The rabbits who survive this torture for two to five years end up having their throats slit and their dead bodies skinned or sold.

processing rabbit for meat

If you ❤ bunnies and hate that they’re being tortured for their fur, know that you can help STOP this cruelty by pledging to ditch angora for good! It’s as easy as reading the tags on clothes when you’re out shopping and putting down anything that is made from angora.

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