As winter break quickly approaches for many students, it’s time to cram for finals and finally empty the mini-fridge of that leftover Tofurky. Here at peta2, we are also wrapping things up—like the Fall 2012 Campus Outreach Tour!

For the past two and a half months, the Campus Outreach Crew (myself included) has been traveling the country helping different individual students and student groups with their campaigns to raise awareness about animal rights and get more vegan food on campus. At more progressive schools, like the University of Pennsylvania and Ohio State University, students are even working toward implementing all-vegan dining halls! Yes, all-vegan dining halls are a thing now—and a delicious thing, at that.

Campus Outreach Crew petitions UW Madison

Armed with her iPad, Amy at UW–Madison let students know that a vegan diet is both cholesterol- and cruelty-free.

Beginning at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, we made our way across the country, stopping at 34 colleges, including the State University of New York–Buffalo, Temple University, the University of Illinois, the University of Texas–Austin, and Arizona State University, and eventually ending at the University of California–Los Angeles. Along the way, we worked with fantastic student groups, like the Penn Vegan Society and the Yale Animal Welfare Alliance, to garner support for more vegan options by petitioning, handing out literature, and giving away free vegan cookies and jerky while donning our legendary pig suit.

Free Vegan Food Giveaway Bowling Green University

Here we are at Bowling Green University. Even though we travel in a van, our sign does in fact read, “Free Vegan Food!” 🙂

As if traveling the country and creating a “vegan food option” commotion on campuses weren’t already fun enough, we managed to squeeze in even more fun. Our pit stops ranged from Niagara Falls and Farm Sanctuary in New York to natural spring-fed pools in the middle of Texas and the Santa Monica Pier Ferris wheel. Naturally, we visited the country’s best vegan restaurants along the way.

Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Milkshakes Chicago Diner

Meagan and Steph were mesmerized by the peanut butter cookie dough milkshakes at The Chicago Diner.

Although the Fall 2012 Campus Outreach Tour has come to a close, don’t fret! The spring 2013 tour is well on its way.

If you’d like more vegan options on your campus and would like us to visit, drop us a line!

You also have a few more days left to get your application in to be a part of peta2’s tour crews—if traveling the country, getting paid, meeting awesome activists, making a positive difference every day, and devouring vegan peanut butter cookie dough milkshakes sound like something you’d be into.