Carey Hart’s Hot ‘Ink, Not Mink’ peta2 PSA

Action sports star Carey Hart is almost as famous for his gorgeous body … of ink as he is for his bad-ass freestyle motocross skills. He’s also a self-proclaimed animal lover, so we thought, who better to be the next celeb to star in peta2’s “Ink, Not Mink” anti-fur ad series?

After a 2003 motocross injury left him pondering the next chapter of his life, Carey turned to his other great passion: tattoos. He’s logged hundreds of hours under the needle. In 2004, Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company opened its first location in the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas and proved to be a huge success, prompting the opening of three other locations across the country.

Carey says the main reason that he does photo shoots for peta2 is to help raise awareness about what happens to animals, and he credits his awesome ex, our good friend Pink, with educating him. “My ex-wife, who’s Pink, is very big into PETA. And being involved with her over the years, she raised my awareness. And I’m big into how animals are treated … just the cruelty in general … so anything I can do on my part to help. I got more and more aware of it as our relationship went on.”

Fur is one issue that Carey, like most intelligent and compassionate people, is strongly opposed to. “It’s just ridiculous—you know, it’s like you’re gonna destroy animals so that you can look cool in a nightclub or you can look cool walking down the street in New York. I don’t get behind that. I think it’s very petty and very shallow. And then once I saw the investigations and the actual process, it just disgusted me.” Check out what else Carey had to say during his photo shoot.

There’s nothing cool or glamorous about fur. Every year, countless foxes, minks, rabbits, raccoons, dogs, cats, chinchillas, and other animals are drowned, bludgeoned, strangled, electrocuted, and often skinned alive for the fashion industry. If you are as disgusted as Carey is about what happens to animals just so that people can wear them, please click on the button below and take the fur-free pledge.