The phrase “the next big thing” is thrown around quite a bit in the music scene. Every year, up-and-coming bands are branded with these four magic words in the hope that they’ll catapult from MySpace obscurity to headlining arenas. So, in my attempt to look into the crystal ball of the pop-punk world, I bring you my pick for “the next big thing” this summer: Cash Cash.

Hailing from the Garden State that spawned such legendary bands as MidtownSaves The Day, and Lifetime, New Jersey’s newest export, Cash Cash, have hit the ground running. Or perhaps to put it more accurately, they’ve hit the dance floor! Following in the footsteps of fan favorites Cobra Starship and Metro Station, Cash Cash are making a name for themselves by delivering unapologetic dance music that is impossible to get out of your head!

We were psyched to sit down with Jean Paul Makhlouf and Sam Frisch at South by Southwest to talk about adopting animals, where to find information on buying cruelty-free products, and so much more! Did you know that Jean Paul used to volunteer at an animal shelter? A boy who can dance, dresses well, and loves animals? Too good to be true!

Cash Cash will be bringing the dance party from your bedroom to the stages of Warped Tour all summer long, so mark your calendar and be sure to stop by the peta2 booth! If you’re down with making a difference in the lives of animals, learn how to get active in your community and set a positive example for your friends by taking our pledge to be fur-free!