People don’t put enough emphasis on how much you’ll change as a person after you adopt your first angels, or cats. Soon enough, you’ll find these li’l babies ruling your entire life, and that’s totally OK! Adopting a cat is a huge decision and requires a ton of effort. It will also be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life once you are ready for it. Everyone knows you can’t buy love, but you can adopt it.

Here are 20 ways that cats rule everything around you:

You clear off your bookshelf—just for them.

They’re your screensaver, always.
Phone screenshot

You save cardboard boxes—just for them, as usual.
cat photo

You let them sleep on your reading material—when you’re reading.
Cat on newspaper

Cat photo shoots—yes, they’re a real thing.
Cat photo

You spend an abnormal amount of time socializing with adoptable kitties.
Cat up for adoption

You get an actual cat tattoo. This love is for life, people.
image (1)

You always impulsively buy them weird things. Yes, catnip bubbles are real.
Catnip bubbles and cat

You ALWAYS report any cats (and all other animals) in danger to PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Department.
peta phone number screen shot

You don’t eat any animals, because you know animals killed for food aren’t much different from your cats.
Why eat one, but not the other

You love them no matter what, even when you don’t “get” them.
Photo of cat laying down

Declawing a cat is never a humane option, and you know that.
declawing image

They’re absolutely showered with toys and playtime.
Cat playing with toy

Two words: kitty walks—the world is a dangerous place.
kitty on leash

You know there’s nothing spooky about black cats.
Black cat and toy

Your hand is their pillow.
sleeping cat on hand

You know that senior cats are just as sweet as young cats and deserve forever homes.
Senior cat

Even when they’re holiday wreckers, they’re still angels in your eyes.
Christmas cat

Getting out of bed is the hardest thing, because of them.
sleeping cat

You ALWAYS adopt. NEVER buy.
Cat in shelter

As you can see, adopting a cat (or cats) fills your life with cute photos and unconditional love. But remember: As a guardian, it’s your responsibility to spay and neuter your cats.

Take action to save cats’ lives!