Dogs may be “man’s best friend,” but dudes who love cats are definitely a girl’s best friend. There’s just something extra dreamy about a man who wants to cuddle up next to a kitten. Am I right? Cheers to these 15 cat-loving cuties:

1. James Franco …

"ARE YOU KITTEN ME?" Broadway Barks with Bernadette Peters! Adopt a pet ❤️??????

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2. … and younger brother Dave Franco both grew up with a love for animals. Dave has even referred to himself as “the weird cat guy.” Don’t worry, Dave—we don’t think you’re weird. 

dave franco starmax image

Photo by: Quasar/ ©2010 

3. Ed Sheeran may be busy touring the world and topping the charts, but he’s always happy to come home to this cuddly face. 

Daddy's home

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4. This lucky cat gets up close and personal with Vine sensation Shawn Mendes. 

This is my cat and she is a old ???

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5. Because he’s a vegan, it’s clear that Christofer Drew has a huge heart for all animals, including this little cutie.

Gewd keekee

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6. The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus may be tough as nails on TV, but he’s a softie at heart, sharing his home with Eye In The Dark—who even has his own Twitter account


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7. It’s clear from the pictures he posts that rapper Danny Brown is totally in love with his cat Siren—he even takes her on walks! 

I miss my baby Siren … Won't be able to be with her for a few weeks ?

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8. Joe Jonas recently posted this picture of Pancake the cat, and the Internet died from cuteness overload.

Meet pancake the cat.

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9. Morrissey‘s love for cats runs so deep that it inspired a Tumblr page. That’s true love.  

Morrissey's Spay and Neuter Ad

10. Oh, to be this cat, lounging casually on the butt of Ian Somerhalder.   

Getting work done from bed. Umm… What's odd about this work day??? Boy he loves his dad.

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11. Kellan Lutz befriended this kitten in Thailand. 

Made a special little friend in Thailand.

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12. Blessthefall vocalist Beau Bokan, wife Lights, and this sweet kitty might just be the cutest family ever. 

Family portrait c:

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13. Macklemore is the proud papa of Instagram-famous feline Cairo!  

Kicking it with @cairothekat #cairothekat

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14. Jordan Witzigreuter of The Ready Set wins for having the best names for his companion animals: Backpack the dog and Nonsense the cat. Could he be any more adorable?! 


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15. This photo of Australian mega-babe Liam Hemsworth holding this kitten is the epitome of everything that is good in the world. Thank you, Liam.

Liam and an itty bitty kitty

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If you’re ready to bring a cat into your life, head to your local animal shelter to adopt! Never purchase animals from pet stores. If you’re already a cat mama or papa, check out some fun peta2 tips!

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