Now, I’m not Jewish per se, but I’m an honorary Jewish person because my hubby’s Jewish and so is my furry feline son, Towane—he does not eat pork and he observes the Sabbath (day of rest) every day. 😉 So, in honor of the loves of my life, I wanted to chit chat a bit about vegan Passover.


Btw, I attended an ah-mah-zing Passover Seder this Sunday with my vegan friends and the feastiness blew my mind (especially the vegan kugel and chopped “liver” spread)!

Seeing that Passover is the universal story of dignity, hope, and freedom—teaching us all suffering matters to God, doesn’t it make sense to celebrate freedom without chompin’ on the flesh of animals who were once confined in cages, crates, and stalls? It makes much more sense to celebrate true freedom and compassion with delicious, cruelty-free vegan food!

We’ve got you covered in the amazing vegan Passover recipes department. Check them out here.

Happy Passover! xx

Just keepin’ it real,