It’s our Sweet 16, so of course, we have to celebrate our birthday in full style. Celebs have supported peta2 from the very beginning, and we remember each special collaboration fondly. We’ve gone through the vault so we can show you a few highlights from our birth year 2002 to now.

Take a trip down memory lane and check out these awesome celebs who have helped support us through the years:


P!nk stands up to Petco.

pink peta2 ad

Remember when P!nk actually sported pink hair? The super-talented singer wrote a letter to Petco’s CEO at the time calling for an end to the company’s animal peddling.


Simple Plan asks to team up with peta2 for an anti-fur ad.

The Canadian band had a simple but powerful message for its fans: The fur industry is an ugly, horrific business, and no one should ever wear the cruelly produced material.


Ryan Gosling calls out KFC.

ryan gosling approved featured image


Remember all the craze about The Notebook? If you didn’t already love the film’s star for his talent (and good looks), you should know that Ryan also has a compassionate side. (We’re swooning. ♥) He penned a letter to KFC urging it to commit to following PETA’s recommended basic animal-welfare standards.


The Used takes a stand against Wet Seal.

The members of The Used, well known for their “explosive” personalities, showed their soft sides when they wrote a letter to Wet Seal’s CEO asking the clothing company to stop selling fur.


Phantom Planet’s lead singer talks about his vegetarian journey.

Anyone remember the generation-defining TV show The O.C.? Phantom Planet soared to popularity with its beachy summer song “California,” which was used as the theme song. The band’s lead singer, Alexander Greenwald, sat down with peta2 to share why the chicks dig him.


hellogoodbye‘s lead singer stars in an ad proclaiming, “Love Animals. Don’t Eat Them.”

Remember hellogoodbye’s popular song “Here (in Your Arms)”? The band’s lead singer, Forrest Kline, starred in ad urging people to try tasty vegan options.


Skelanimals collaborate with Myspace influencers.

Snapchat and Instagram may be your fave apps today, but back in 2008, Myspace was all the rage. We teamed up with popular clothing brand Skelanimals and some of the OG social media influencers to remind people that “fur is dead.”


Tokio Hotel demands freedom for animals in circuses.

The popular band Tokio Hotel spoke up for animals forced to perform meaningless tricks in circuses.


Chester Bennington, Sum 41, Daniella Monet, and Anti-Flag speak up for animals.

With so many wonderful partnerships, it was too hard to choose just one to feature. From the time that Chester, Linkin Park’s lead singer, stripped down to promote the anti-fur message to when Daniella shed light on animal dissection, celebs in 2010 helped us create some memorable ads.

Chester reminded his fans to let animals keep their fur and never to support the fur industry.

Sum 41 got loud for elephants forced to perform circus tricks.

Daniella urged her fans to exercise their right to refuse to participate in classroom dissection.

Anti-Flag wanted their fans to know about what really happens to animals on factory farms. Their message was simple yet powerful: Meat is murder.


Kesha, Booboo Stewart, Rise Against, and Steve Aoki show their compassionate sides.

Talented performer Kesha can’t stand that Canadian seals are slaughtered each year for their fur, so she teamed up with us to urge her fans to help end the killing.

Ke$ha Fights Canada's Seal Slaughter

Twilight took the world by storm, and if you weren’t pledging your undying love to Edward Cullen or rooting for the Black clan, you were seriously out of the loop. Booboo, also known for his role as Jay in Disney’s movie series Descendants, encouraged people to adopt an animal companion.

The members of the band Rise Against have always been passionate about animal rights, and they’ve never shied away from protesting social injustice. In our ad, they spoke up against animal testing.

Music producer Steve Aoki bared it all to prove that people shouldn’t wear animals’ fur.


Actor Olivia Munn stars in one of our “Rather Go Naked” anti-fur ads.

Olivia stripped down to expose the cruel acts endured by animals on Chinese fur farms.


Christina Grimmie shows her soft spot for animals.

Christina shared her gorgeous voice with us to remind everyone about the importance of animal adoption.


Jhené Aiko and Asking Alexandria go the extra mile for animals.

jhene aiko adopt don't shop ad

Sensational singer Jhené gushed about her love for cats and spoke up about an ongoing crisis in the U.S.—animal homelessness.

asking alexandria adopt don't buy psa

U.K. metal rockers Asking Alexandria credited their wonderful animal companions with giving them sanity, and they urged their fans to adopt, never buy.


Noah Cyrus, Fifth Harmony, and The Ready Set show how awesome it is to stick up for animals.

Singer Noah recently worked with us to create a powerful ad highlighting the abuse endured by animals at SeaWorld. But in her first ad for us, she showed people just how awful animal dissection is.

The popular all-female singing group Fifth Harmony offered some tips to help its fans become “angels” for animals.

Adopt, Don't Shop with The Ready Set and Backpack!

Jordan Witzigreuter, also known as The Ready Set, not only serenaded us with a fabulous acoustic performance but also spoke up about the importance of spaying and neutering cats and dogs.


Kalel and Davey Havok take peta2 ads to a whole new level.

Kalel raised the bar when she posed in this striking ad. The popular YouTuber and longtime vegan showed what really happens to ducks and geese used to make items containing down.

Davey, lead singer of the bands AFI and Dreamcar, stripped down to his birthday suit to speak out against wearing leather.


Madelaine Petsch and Teala Dunn turn up the heat with their sizzling ads.

Gorgeous Madelaine showed that going vegan is a beautiful thing. The Riverdale actor wore a dress made entirely of bok choy and urged fans to “turn over a new leaf.”

Popular YouTuber Teala showed her fans what really happens to animals on fur farms and urged people to ditch fur.


Violett Beane bares it all in a powerful ad that promotes vegan living.

Violett, who starred in The Flash and Truth or Dare, showed how terrible it is to view animals as pieces of meat. She wanted people to know that all animals deserve respect.


Those are just some of the celebs who’ve helped peta2 through the years. We’re so grateful for all the support we’ve received from our celeb friends—and for you. Whether you have followed peta2 from the very beginning or are a more recent friend, it’s people like you who prove that sticking up for animals is where it’s at. Thanks for being powerful animal rights advocates and real-life heroes. ♥

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