So you watched “Glass Walls” and decided to cut meat out of your diet. You go, Glen Coco! You could never look at a cute little pig or cow as food again. It’s still OK to eat fish, though, right? Nope! Wrong.

The U.S. fishing industry slaughters more than 6 billion fish every year. Fish are impaled, crushed, suffocated, or cut open and gutted—all while they’re still conscious.

These three celebrity ads will make you never want to eat fish again:

1. Imagine not being able to breathe. In her captivating ad for peta2, Les Misérables star Samantha Barks reminds fans that fish suffocate when they’re pulled out of the water.

peta2 Samantha Barks PSA

2. Scientists who study pain are in complete agreement that the pain response system in fish is nearly identical to that of birds and mammals. In other words, fish feel pain. They don’t want to suffocate on land any more than humans want to drown underwater. No one demonstrated this terrifying reality better than Oscar-nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix in this eye-opening video:

3. I know I’m not the only girl who’s just a little bit obsessed with The Little Mermaid. Prince Eric is kind of a babe—just saying. How do you think Ariel would feel if you snatched her BFF Flounder out of the ocean and fried him up for dinner?! Not cool. To help prove the point, Daniella Monet transformed into a beautiful “mermaid” for one of peta2’s most memorable ads ever.

Daniella Monet "Try To Relate" peta2 PSA

Five awesome fish facts:

  • Some fish gather information by eavesdropping on others. Very sneaky. 😉
  • Many fish use tools. For example, some fish lays eggs on leaves so that they can be carried to a safe place.
  • Fish talk to each other with squeaks, squeals, and other low-frequency sounds that humans can hear only with special instruments.
  • Fish like physical contact with other fish and often gently rub against one another—similar to how a cat weaves in and out of your legs. So sweet! ♥
  • Some fish tend well-kept gardens, growing tasty algae and weeding out the plants they don’t like.

The best fish-free recipes:

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