Celebrities haven’t been silent about the ongoing abuse at SeaWorld. Orcas, penguins, and other marine animals trapped at the abusement park are forced to interact with strangers, perform mindless tricks, and die in captivity. The long list of injuries that the animals have sustained is equally infuriating. Just recently, orca Katina’s dorsal fin was ripped open—a potentially life-threatening injury—during what SeaWorld claims was an interaction with incompatible members of her contrived “pod” at SeaWorld Orlando.

These celebs know that entertaining others should be a choice—not something that someone is forced to do. Check out what they had to say:

1. Harry Styles

“Sign of the Times” singer Harry Styles knows what’s up. The former One Direction star made a powerful statement to his fans on opening night of 1D’s U.S. tour: “Don’t go to SeaWorld!”

2. Krysten Ritter

Badass actor and Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter wants everyone to know that she does NOT have a soft spot for SeaWorld. She keeps it real with her fans, simply telling them not to buy a ticket to visit the abusement park. She teamed up with peta2 to speak up for orcas and other marine animals trapped at SeaWorld. Check out her passionate plea:

3. Noah Cyrus

“Make Me” singer Noah Cyrus wasn’t shy about telling her fans what she thinks about SeaWorld. See the behind-the-scenes video from her peta2 exclusive:

4. Ariana Grande

The uber-talented singer and proud vegan didn’t hold anything back when she urged her fans never to support SeaWorld. For good reason, she couldn’t get over the abuse and suffering that marine animals endure while held in captivity at the park:

5. Maisie Williams

The Game of Thrones actor doesn’t just play a badass—she’s one in real life, too! She uses her powerful voice to raise awareness of animal rights. Simply put, she wants animals trapped at SeaWorld to have the opportunity to live freely.

6. Aaron Paul

Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul gave SeaWorld a piece of his mind when he tweeted about the abusement park:

7. Holly Marie Combs

Following Tilikum’s death, the compassionate actor shared her hope that SeaWorld will be brought down by the shocking documentary Blackfish, which showed how miserable life truly is for orcas trapped at the parks:

8. Kalel

First-ever Libby Award Hall of Fame inductee and longtime vegan Kalel cares a lot about all sentient beings. Whether she’s speaking up regarding how ducks and geese suffer in the production of down jackets or talking about an ultra-chic vegan fashion haul, she’s all about following a cruelty-free lifestyle that doesn’t harm animals. The fabulous YouTuber took to Twitter to share her thoughts about Tilikum’s tragic passing:

9. Steve-O

Jackass actor and longtime vegan Steve-O is all about animal rights. Whether he’s speaking up about animal dissection, the fur industry, or the exploitation and abuse inherent in circuses, he knows that all sentient beings deserve respect. He also thinks that SeaWorld sucks:

10. Nick Cannon

Do you remember the time Nick Cannon broke down just how awful SeaWorld is? Check out his hilarious—and thought-provoking—rant:

11. Union J

peta2, SeaWorld, Union J

Heartthrob boy band Union J teamed up with peta2 to raise awareness of orcas forced to spend their entire lives in tiny concrete tanks—which is basically like humans being trapped inside a bathtub. Check out their powerful ad:

12. Sarah Jeffery

Shades of Blue and Descendants actor Sarah Jeffery let the world know how she feels about trapping animals against their will. The proud vegan also expressed her heartfelt sympathies for Tilikum:

13. Jason Biggs

Orange Is the New Black actor Jason Biggs teamed up with PETA to create a SeaWorld “commercial” to promote the park. Problem is, he couldn’t find anything nice to say about it—and for good reason! Check out the sarcastic video:

Jason Biggs' SeaWorld Commercial

HILARIOUS! PETA & #JasonBiggs' new anti-SeaWorld commercial may be sarcastic & funny, but the TRUTH about how #SeaWorld abuses orcas is not: http://bzfd.it/1gJpBn3 [via BuzzFeed] Also, Jason Biggs is naked.

Posted by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) on Thursday, May 15, 2014


What You Can Do to Help

Never buy a ticket to SeaWorld or any other place that uses animals for entertainment, and urge your friends and family to stay away from them, too!

Please sign this petition to urge SeaWorld to release its orcas to seaside sanctuaries.