Charles Trippy of We the Kings and his partner in crime, Allie Wesenberg-Trippy, are the ultimate social media power couple, and we can’t get enough of their funny pranks in their daily vlogson their CTFxC YouTube channel. But despite their popularity, they never forget about the importance of family. Check out this peta2 exclusive!

Charles and Allie are social media royalty, but at home, they treat their animal companions like kings and queens. Their dogs, Diesel, Marley, and Zoe, are rescued animals, and they hold a special place in their guardians’ hearts.

“All three of these guys are all rescued and all extremely special in so many ways! … We look at them as our best friends and our buddies.”

—Allie Trippy

Animal Adoption Saves Lives

“We really wanted to adopt a dog [because] there are so many animals out there [who] are, unfortunately, in shelters.”

—Charles Trippy

Adopting an animal in need is one of the most compassionate things that you can do for another living being. By welcoming a rescued animal companion into your home, you’re improving the life of one of the more than 6 million cats, dogs, and other animals who enter U.S. shelters every year.

Also, by choosing to adopt, you’re basically telling breeders that you’re not falling for their tricks. The image of super-cute kittens and puppies for sale in pet store windows or online doesn’t tell the real story of pain and suffering in the puppy mill system.

At puppy mills, animals can be housed inside small, filthy cages. Female dogs are bred twice a year to create “purebreds,” and they’re usually killed or abandoned when they can’t produce any more litters. Because the animals are viewed as dollar signs, their health is of little concern, and many end up with genetic defects and personality disorders. Because of this, guardians may unwittingly purchase an unsociable or aggressive dog or a dog with lots of expensive health issues.

Getting Ready to Adopt? Don’t Forget This Important Rule!

“I think it’s super-important to kind of follow that Golden Rule and treat animals how you would want to be treated.”

—Allie Trippy

Adopting an animal companion usually means loads of cuddles, playtime, and fun. But it also comes with responsibility, so make sure that you’re fully ready to take care of your new family member for life. Here are a few things to remember before you visit your local animal shelter:

  • Animal companions need a lot of looking after—so if you adopt, be sure to bathe, walk, and feed them as often as they need it.
  • They require plenty of attention, so don’t forget to pack in the extra cuddles and schedule lots of fun playtime!
  • You’ll need to check in with the vet regularly after you adopt your animal companion to make sure that your pal’s health is in tip-top shape.

Adopting an Animal Will Change Your Life—for the Better

Like Charles and Allie, you can have a wonderful friendship with your animal companion. If you put in the long-term love and care, the reward will be huge: a buddy who will stick with you through thick and thin.

If you’re looking to welcome an animal companion into your family, adopt—never buy!