There’s no shame in admitting it, since chances are, we’ve all been one at some point: a broke-ass vegan.

You’re at the end of your paycheck or have spent all your allowance money (btw, if you still get an allowance, live it up knowing that you are envied by us all)—or you don’t have a job or get an allowance and you’re a legit broke-ass vegan permanently—and you have to ask yourself: Do I buy Warped Tour tickets or do I eat lunch? Have no fear, my fellow broke-ass friends—with this list, you’ll be doin’ both:

1.      Broke-Ass Stir-Fry—Part One

Ramen (some flavors are vegan!) + peanut butter + Sriracha

vegan pad thai top ramen diy recipe This combination costs next to nothing and legitimately tastes like pad Thai. How can you go wrong?! Add frozen veggies if you’re really trying to splurge.

2.      Broke-Ass Stir-Fry—Part Two

Some rice + bag of frozen veggies + soy sauce

vegan fried rice

 Extra points for broke-ass creativity if you add the peanut butter or Sriracha from part one, and even more points for thriftiness if you still have extra frozen veggies leftover somewhere in your freezer.

3.      Broke-Ass Pasta

Pasta (you can find pasta for $1 or less at most grocery stores) + marinara sauce

 To keep it vegan, just make sure you’re not using egg noodles (duh) and check the back of the marinara sauce to make sure there are no dairy products or other animal-derived products in it. Most marinara sauce is vegan, and it’s usually super-cheap. Plus, you can make this meal count as dinner AND lunch the next day if you’re smart (which I’m sure you are). Go, you!

 4.      Broke-Ass Sandwich—Part One: The Classic

Peanut butter + jelly + bread

 Never judge a classic. It’s a classic for a REASON, y’all!

5.      Broke-Ass Sandwich—Part Two: The New Classic

Hummus + cucumbers + whatever bread you didn’t use to make a bunch of PB&Js

Hummus pita

Just ’cause you’re broke as a joke doesn’t mean you don’t deserve hummus. Everyone deserves hummus! HUMMUS FOR ALL!

 6.      Broke-Ass Smoothie

Bag of frozen berries + peanut butter + ice + soy milk


Throw it all in the blender and blend to tropical perfection. Unless your gas or electricity has been turned off since your payments have been so late—in which case, this smoothie won’t help your broke ass.

 7.      The Broke-Ass Pizza Bagel

Bagel + marinara + Daiya cheese

daiyashreds copy

When bagel meets pizza, beautiful things happen.

 8.      Broke-Ass Nachos

A bag of Fritos + beans (try vegetarian refried beans or black beans!) + guacamole + Tapatío hot sauce (or salsa, if you’re feelin’ the splurge!)

nachos 2 go

Perf ’cause you can eat this on the go (just throw everything into the bag of Fritos!) while you walk your broke ass to class or that next job interview. Replace Fritos with Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos if you want to have your broke-ass mind BLOWN!

9.      The Broke-Ass Fancy Meal

AKA Taco Bell (even the dollar menu has vegan options!)

 You may be broke, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yo’self!

 10.  The Broke-Ass Grocery Haul

Can you say chips?

baxter loves potato chipsThis doesn’t usually count as a meal, but to the true broke-ass vegan, this might be a lunch that you know all too well. Good thing all these chips and other 7-Eleven gems are totally vegan! 

So there ya have it, y’all! These recipes may not be fit for a queen, but they’ll get your broke ass by. Plus, the next time some haters try to argue that going vegan is “too expensive,” you can help show them the light.

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