Every school year, millions of animals are cut apart for classroom dissection. Many students would refuse to take part in this archaic and cruel practice if they knew the disturbing truth behind the places these animals come from.

Despite what your teachers may have told you, animals used for dissection have NOT died of old age. Here are some very creepy things that have ACTUALLY taken place at dissection suppliers.

Pigeons Were Drowned

At Bio Corporation, live pigeons who arrived in plastic crates were drowned in tubs of water. According to a veterinarian, the birds likely panicked and tried to hold their breath and then died after 10 minutes of this torment.

Live Crayfish Were Injected With Liquid Latex

Also at Bio Corporation, workers injected crayfish with liquid latex while they were FULLY CONSCIOUS. A veterinarian stated that they likely experienced “prolonged pain and suffering.”

Frozen Turtles Who Came ‘Back to Life’ Were Put Into the Freezer While Still Conscious

According to employees, turtles who arrived frozen at Bio Corporation sometimes “[came] back to life” and were reportedly put into the freezer to freeze to death. One veterinarian said that turtles treated this way would experience hypothermia, pain, and prolonged suffering. One of the world’s leading herpetologists stated that “freezing as a method of killing reptiles (including turtles) without prior complete desensitization and unconsciousness (e.g. anaesthesia) has been specifically declared inhumane and unacceptable.”

Fetal Pigs Were Injected With Formaldehyde and Dye

fetal pig dissection supplier

Workers at Bio Corporation injected fetal pigs’ umbilical cords with formaldehyde and dye. These cords once connected them to their mothers, each of whom likely experienced a horrifying death in a slaughterhouse before their stomach was cut open and their babies were taken for dissection.

Workers Collected Collars of Dead Cats and Put Them on Display

A PETA eyewitness discovered a collection of cat collars at Bio Corporation—a morbid reminder that animals who had probably been cherished family members were cut apart in crude and misguided classroom assignments. When asked about the collars, workers said that it was a “tradition” that they found “funny” and “a little” creepy.

Workers Laughed When Animals Struggled and Suffered

According to an eyewitness at a dissection supplier, when a rabbit who was still alive after being gassed tried to crawl out of a wheelbarrow full of water and dead rabbits, employees laughed as a coworker repeatedly held the animal’s head underwater and then pulled him out again. Finally, the worker grew bored and held him underwater long enough to drown him.

Cats and Rats Were Embalmed, Possibly While Still Alive

PETA eyewitnesses previously documented that animals were removed from gas chambers and injected with formaldehyde without first being checked for vital signs. They videotaped cats and rats who were struggling while being injected.

Frogs Were Killed After Being Taken From Their Homes in the Wild

Every year, millions of frogs are taken from their habitats, transported, and killed specifically for dissection. Not only is this practice cruel, the removal of these animals from ecosystems also disrupts nature’s delicate balance.

Regardless of how the animals used for dissection died, there’s no such thing as “humane” classroom dissection—because animals aren’t ours to use in the first place. And there are humane, animal-free alternatives that are more effective teaching methods.

The best way to help animals used for dissection is to refuse to participate. Encourage others to refuse, too. Ask your teacher for an alternative assignment—they may be legally required to provide you with one. To find out if your state has a dissection-choice policy, check out our map. If your state doesn’t have one, let us know and we can help you opt out.

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