As if an Ivy League student isn’t busy enough with school, Columbia University’s Jonah Reider has converted his dorm room into an eatery. In his spare time, four nights a week, he serves four customers at a time—and his cooking has been such a hit that he’s booked through December!

vegan dorm restaurant

vegan dorm restaurant food prepReider describes his dorm room “restaurant,” which goes by the name of Pith, as being “an intimate and inventive shared-cost meal, a supper club amongst friends.”

vegan college dorm restaurant tablepeta2 reached out to Reider and asked if he would “veganize” the meals for a week and he happily agreed. “I love cooking vegetable-forward food and I occasionally cook for friends who are vegan,” he said.

Check out some of the dishes featured on Pith’s vegan menu:

Roasted heirloom cauliflower with saffron oil and crispy Brussels sprout leaves—such an intense flavor!

vegan college dorm restaurant soupPrepping pickled red chard with caraway, pickled acorn squash with Szechuan peppercorn, and fennel stalk with toasted coriander and infusing olive oil with saffron

college dorm restaurantRoasted acorn squash over miso-Szechuan peppercorn, pickled chard, and greens

columbia college dorm restaurant“Carpaccio” of Chioggia and golden beets with white truffle and gray salt

college dorm restaurant veggiesRainbow chard sizzling away with garlic

columbia college dorm restaurant cookingRoasted golden cauliflower and caraway—mmm!

college dorm restaurant cauliflower

vegan college dorm restaurant

college dorm room restaurant

college dorm room restaurant leaf berriesVegan food is popular with all students—including meat-eaters who are just looking for a healthier and more eco-friendly choice on campus. Over the past two years alone, vegan food has exploded in popularity on college campuses nationwide

Want vegan options at your college? Download our campaign pack for all the materials that you’ll need to veganize your dining hall. 

veganize your dining hall