A pair of frightened, confused eyes watch the huge trucks that will carry him and his friends to their deaths.

Once loaded, the cows are helpless and can do nothing but peer through tiny holes.


Compassionate men and women from Toronto Cow Save approach the trucks, ready to capture some of these animals’ last moments on Earth.

cow transportation
Toronto Cow Save 

What they see inside is heartbreaking.

cow transport truck cruelty

Toronto Cow Save 

Cows strain to reach fresh air through the tiny holes in the truck.


The terror in their eyes is easy to see.

Cow Transport Truck Cruelty, what hamburger is made of

Toronto Cow Save 

They are packed in tight with little room for movement. They are not given food or water.

cow transport truck cruelty
Toronto Cow Save 


There is no relief from the stench …


Credit: Toronto Pig Save 

 … and no protection from the cold.


This is their last day alive.

cow transport truck cruelty, how hamburgers are made
Toronto Cow Save 
These gentle animals will be shot in the head with a captive-bolt gun, hung up by one leg, and taken onto the killing floor of a slaughterhouse, where their throats will be cut before they’re skinned and gutted.

Picture 14

Can you imagine eating the flesh of those scared animals? Cows feel pain and loneliness, just as your cat or dog does. Eating meat pays for this cycle of abuse and death to continue. Save lives by going vegan TODAY!

All photos courtesy of Toronto Cow Save

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