There are some people we work with at peta2 who we know will always be supportive of what we do and who will always do what they can to help spread the message of animal rights to their fans around the world. Bands like Anti-Flag and Silverstein and celebs like Gabe Saporta and Pink have been repping peta2 for years, and I couldn’t be happier to announce that Craig Owens is joining the ranks!

Check out Craig in his new PSA sporting our “Animal Testing Breaks Hearts” T-shirt designed by our good friends over at Glamour Kills!

Craig Owens Animal Testing Breaks Hearts

The last time we caught up with Craig, he told us about why he wanted to be involved with the world’s largest youth animal rights organization and what his fans could do to help make a difference in the lives of animals. This time around, we asked Craig to lend his sympathy to a more specific cause—our “Animal Testing Breaks Hearts” campaign.

Every year, millions of animals are blinded, poisoned, and killed in wasteful and unnecessary product tests. Craig put it best, saying that “there are certain things that a human being should just know are wrong.” Rubbing toxic chemicals into the skin of bunnies, mice, and other animals and pumping chemicals into their stomachs is inexcusable. The best thing you can do to help put end to this is to buy cruelty-free products and support companies that don’t test on animals.

There are certain things that a human being should just know are wrong.

Since more than 950 companies have pledged to be cruelty-free, there is no reason to buy from companies that still test their products on animals.