Every week, PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Department receives hundreds of calls and e-mails from people across the country who are in desperate need of help with an animal emergency. Here are just a few of the animals PETA helped in the last week alone:

Cocoa—Hampton Roads, Virginia

Cocoa was chained to a trampoline 24 hours a day, seven days a week and was horribly matted. Thanks to a PETA fieldworker, this sweet and friendly gal was finally surrendered! She has since been groomed and spayed, is in a foster home, and is up for adoption!

2-Socks—Hampton Roads, Virginia

PETA’s Community Animal Project had been visiting 2-socks—a sad, aggressive chained dog— since 2008. This week, PETA obtained custody of 2-Socks, who will never be chained again.

Emaciated Dogs—Texas

With the help of local officials, two emaciated, neglected dogs—abandoned in a foreclosed home—were seized and vetted. Their former owner is now facing abandonment charges.

Slider Turtles—South Carolina

PETA was able to get the manager of a beach store convicted of cruelty to animals for keeping slider turtles in crowded conditions, without proper access to resting spots. The store manager was given the maximum sentence—more than $1,000 in fines! The court also educated him about proper turtle care, and the turtles are now much better off because of it.

Injured Ibis—Florida

With PETA’s help, this injured ibis—who was shot in the face with a BB gun—was transported to a trusted wildlife rehabilitator and has made a full recovery! Police are now investigating the shooting.


A merciful release was secured for this adorable bun, Lenoer, who had been diagnosed with a dislocated disc, or blown-out back.

Stranded Beaver—New York



A compassionate mechanic contacted PETA after finding a stranded and scared beaver in his shop’s parking lot. PETA worked with the mechanic and was able to get the confused critter assessed and released into water. The beaver wasted no time darting into the water, swimming and flipping around, happy as can be!

Suffering Bulldog—California

PETA helped a devastated caller make the difficult decision to end the suffering of her breeder-bought bulldog puppy, who had been diagnosed with kidney failure. She stated that she will never purchase an animal from a breeder again.

Hoarded Cats—Michigan

After working with local law enforcement, PETA was able to have nearly 40 cats confiscated from a hoarding situation after a PETA staffer spotted a large number of animals confined to a moving truck in a parking lot.

Although these kinds of stories rarely make headlines, PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Department helps save thousands of animals like these from horrific cruelty and suffering every single year.

If you know of an animal in an emergency situation—injured, ill, abused, stray, etc.—speak up! Your help could mean the difference between life and death for an animal in need.