Every year, SO MANY cute vegetarians enter our contest that it’s always hard to choose a winner. You are all just too perfect. Well, guess what! It’s almost that time of year again! On Monday, we’ll start taking nominations for the next Cutest Vegan Alive contest.

BUT FIRST! Let’s take a moment to remember last year’s cuties. These two do SO much for animals that we felt they should star in their own peta2 ads to let everyone know exactly how much they rock!

First, there’s Braydan. When he’s not busy being ridiculously good-looking, Braydan practices his vegan lifestyle, one that saves more than 100 animals a year! He had been vegetarian for more than six years before going vegan two years ago, and he even got his mom to start incorporating plant-based meals into her diet. Not only is he helping animals, he’s also helping the planet. Look at this rock star!


And we couldn’t forget Ruth! She’s been vegan for 15 YEARS (round of applause) and was inspired by witnessing cruelty to cows in the dairy industry. When she’s not busy looking beautiful and rad, she’s busy doing everything that she can for animals, including protesting McCruelty, the wool industry, and the fur industry. Check out this cutie!


They’re pretty perfect, right?

Now it’s your turn to do your part: If you’re not yet eating a plant-based diet, go vegan, and if you are, get your camera ready for Monday! 😉

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