Apparently June is “National Dairy Month,” so we thought it would be a good idea to spotlight the dairy industry and what it’s aaall about.

First up, that whole “Happy Cow” thing is bull sh*t! Sorry, but there ain’t no “Old McDonald” farm. Animals are raised on factory farms. This is the reality of the dairy industry:

Cow on dairy factory farm


And just think: This baby calf is “lucky” because she gets to grow up and be a milk machine. Any brothers she might have will end up as veal. That’s right! Veal is a byproduct of the dairy industry. Think about it—what else do dairy farmers need male calves for?


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This female calf will likely grow up being constantly impregnated via “rape racks,” being pumped full of hormones and drugs (which helps add that tasty PUS to your glass of milk), and having her babies torn away from her shortly after birth.

By around the age of 3 or 4—less than ONE-FIFTH of her normal lifespan—her body will be so used up that workers will deem her milk production too low and send her to be slaughtered and ground up into hamburger or dog food (cows raised for milk are so worn out that their bodies are rarely used for anything else).

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Want to meet this sad cow? You might be able to one day! Maybe she’ll make her way to your school in the form of hamburger patties or “mystery meat.” She might even bring friends: It’s estimated that one single hamburger can be made up of meat from 100 different cows.


THAT is the reality of dairy. Why would we celebrate this industry?! The good news is it’s easy to enjoy the traditional tastes of milk-based foods without the abhorrent cruelty of the dairy industry.

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Vegan ice cream collage

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