Drinking milk and eating cheese don’t hurt cows, right? WRONG!

Cows used in the dairy industry are confined to filthy, stressful environments. In order to prevent them from defending themselves (like any of us would if we were in that situation!), farmers destroy their horns with painful tools, including knives, shears, handsaws, and even hot irons, which are often so hot that they damage the underlying bone of the calf’s skull—all of this without any painkillers! 🙁

Don’t believe me? Check out our new video narrated by Casey Affleck describing this cruel and painful process!

YOU have the power to stop this! All you have to do is ditch dairy products and choose instead from the many different kinds of vegan milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream available at your local grocery store!

Don’t forget to spread dairy’s dirty secret and urge everyone you know to go vegan!