Ever wonder what you need to make a “dollop of Daisy” sour cream?

During PETA’s eyewitness investigation, we found out you need a lot more than cows and heartless greed. At Daisy Farms, the standard toolbox of torture to produce milk for that sour cream looked like this:

Calves were roughly pulled from their loving mothers’ birth canals with chains. They only spent a few hours with their moms, at the most, before they were separated.

daisy farms

Afterward, the calves were isolated in cramped pens, where some suffered from apparent pneumonia and their skin was scalded as a result of diarrhea.

daisy farms investigation, daisy sour cream cow cruelty

Because some people would rather eat sour cream and cottage cheese made from cow’s milk than plants, workers placed painful spiked weaning rings on calves’ noses, which prevented them from trying to nurse from other calves.

dairy investigation

Since calves weren’t allowed to nurse from their mothers, some were force-fed milk with feeding tubes inserted down their throats.


Several workers carelessly inserted the tubes, forcing milk from a cow other than their own mother into calves’ lungs and drowning two of them.


Workers even used a harsh chemical paste to burn away the sensitive horn tissue on the calves’ heads. No painkillers were used. A worker amputated one older animal’s horns using “loppers,” or horrific guillotine cutters, which look like a pair of bolt cutters with a guillotine blade at the end.

Daisy Farms isn’t the exception among dairy farms—nose rings, force-feeding tubes, caustic paste, and guillotine cutters are used on dairy farms across the country.

Daisy claims to have the “best-cared for cows on the planet.”

If these cows are getting the best treatment, imagine the fate of those receiving the worst! The next time you reach for any dairy food, remember the toolbox of torture that comes along with it. Choose non-dairy sour cream,  ice cream, soy creamer, and vegan cheese instead! #NotYourMomNotYourMilk

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