Dave Navarro is a stylish guy. He’s a rockstar, after all, and has rocked the stage and toured the world with rock icons Jane’s Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Los Angeles super-group Camp Freddy. He has posed naked declaring “Ink, Not Mink” for us, and now he’s the host of Ink Master on Spike TV. Dave’s resume is impressive, but it’s his love for animals and cruelty-free fashion that makes him a star in our eyes. See for yourself, with Dave’s latest (and hottest!) peta2 ad:

peta2 Dave Navarro Cruelty-Free Ad
Joseph Cultice 

Animal testing kills. It’s a cruel practice that is unnecessary. Countless mice, rats, and rabbits suffer then die every year for cruel and pointless product testing experiments. Although alternative test methods exist, many cosmetics companies think that pumping their products into animals’ stomachs, squirting them into their eyes, or forcing them to inhale aerosol sprays will prove if a product is safe—when really all it does is torture animals with these archaic and ineffective tests.

Luckily, there are many companies out there that use alternative test methods and do not test on animals (these tests also cost less and are more accurate—go fig!). There are tons of cruelty-free products available, and thanks to consumer demand, more and more companies are switching to non-animal tests. Check out peta2’s cruelty-free shopping guide to see if your favorite products make the list. And if they don’t, never fear!

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