To say that devoted Davey Havok fans (myself included) waited anxiously for details about his Zu Boutique collaboration with Macbeth, which was cleverly delivered via a series of Zu tweets, is an understatement. A collaboration that I have to say did not disappoint. The end result is the fabulous, rhinestone-studded Macbeth X Zu Boutique by Davey Havok limited edition shoes (and yes, I got mine during the presale). And of course, they are totally vegan—even down to the glue.

Anyone even vaguely familiar with the glorious Mr. Havok knows that the AFI frontman and Zu Boutique founder does not contribute to cruelty to animals. As a vegan, Davey doesn’t eat or wear animals. So naturally, he’s not going to create clothing or accessories made from animals either. And since the great folks at Macbeth have been making stylish and comfy vegan shoes for Davey and all of us mere mortals for years, it was only a matter of time before they teamed up for Macbeth’s latest Studio Project.

We recently got the chance to ask Davey about his collaboration with Macbeth, vegan fashions, and the future of the Zu Boutique line. Check out what he had to say, and be sure to watch the sweet video that Davey and Macbeth put together for even more insight about their new creation.


How did this partnership with Macbeth come about?
I’ve been a long-time fan of Macbeth’s compassionate and stylish casual footwear. After years of making custom pairs for me to wear personally, they approached me to do a collaboration with Zu.

Tell us a little about the inspiration for the design. Was there a specific look that you were hoping to achieve?
It’s very difficult to find exciting, forward, casual footwear of any kind, let alone a pair that’s vegan, and I wanted to create a shoe that was all of this—a pair that shines in every way.

Why do you feel it’s important to create vegan fashions?
There is no justifiable excuse for exploiting, torturing, and murdering animals, nor for looking anything but fabulous.

Would you like to expand the Zu Boutique line to include more vegan shoes or other accessories, like handbags?
Yes, I have dreams of expanding the line to include everything from belts and bags to coats and dresses.

Do you have any advice for budding young designers?
Create what you love, what excites you. Leave the furs and flesh on their rightful owners.

Sigh … . Well, there you have it. He’s so fabulous—just like his shoes!

If you agree with Davey that “[t]here is no justifiable excuse for exploiting, torturing, and murdering animals, nor for looking anything but fabulous,” then click the button below and pledge to shed animal skins from your wardrobe today.