Do you remember when you were 26 weeks old? Me, neither. That’s because we were just innocent little babies who didn’t want anything other than to be loved and cuddled.

Did you know that the majority of turkeys who are eaten are just babies when they’re slaughtered—usually, no older than 26 weeks?

But what if they were human babies …

Seeing a roasted human baby makes us feel a little weird inside—I know—but that feeling is nothing compared to the agony that 300 million turkeys a year feel when they’re shackled by their feet and electrocuted. These babies are often still conscious when a machine slits their throats and they’re dumped into scalding-hot water to remove their feathers.

Knowing that turkey babies feel the same pain as human babies, ask yourself: What’s the difference?

An eyewitness at a Butterball slaughterhouse in Ozark, Arkansas, found that workers stomped on birds, slammed them into walls, crushed their skulls, and even sexually abused them.

Gratitude and animal abuse don’t go together. All babies deserve to be loved and cuddled, not just human ones. Instead of eating an abused baby’s flesh this Thanksgiving, get your vegan roast on!