Since their debut release, Let’s Get Free, arguably one of hip-hop’s most influential albums, Dead Prez have been talking about a revolution. Through their politically charged lyrics, they’ve taken on everything from racism and poverty to world politics. To them—and to most conscientious people—oppression is oppression, no matter who the victims are, so when we asked to share his thoughts on KFC, human rights, and animal rights, we knew he’d have a lot to say—and more importantly, we knew you’d want to listen.

A vegetarian since the age of 16 and a vegan for the last 11 years, feels very strongly about corporations, like KFC, that target black communities with their cruel, unhealthy food and only care about making money at anyone’s expense. And he’s right. KFC refuses to make simple improvements in the way it treats animals. PETA’s undercover exposé of KFC’s suppliers shows how cruel and disgusting the conditions are for these gentle birds. They’re crammed into windowless sheds reeking of ammonia and feces with tens of thousands of other birds; many are so crippled that they can’t even walk, and they suffer from painful procedures like debeaking and live-scalding. And at a Moorefield, West Virginia, slaughterhouse, we caught workers who were slamming live chickens against the wall, throwing them around like footballs, and stomping them to death—and laughing about it. and M-1 both signed our petition asking KFC to eliminate the worst abuses that chickens suffer in the factory farms and slaughterhouses of its suppliers. Now it’s your turn to speak up. There are lots of things you can do to help, but we suggest hitting the streets, like those in front of your local KFC, for example, with some leaflets and a petition to let KFC’s patrons know just what they’re paying for—that is, if they still decide to eat there after hearing from you. Minds will be changed, lives will be saved, and points will be earned; we can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon.