The temperatures nationwide may be dropping, but this year’s Most Vegan-Friendly Colleges competition is really heating up! We’ve just entered round three of the contest, so from here on out, it’s a battle to the death among the best of the best.

The contest has taken lots of twists and turns, with veggie powerhouses like New York University and the University of California–Berkeley getting one-upped by newcomers like Cornell and the University of California–Irvine. Meanwhile, Northwestern University is fighting its way through the competition in an effort to maintain its spot at the top of the “Small U.S. Schools” bracket.

Did your fave schools make it into the “Elite Eight”? Click on the bracket below to find out:

Who are you pulling for to take the top spot?* Place your bets now!

*The winners of each round as well as the ultimate winner will be chosen by peta2 based on four factors with equal weight: the number of votes received, the quality and variety of vegan food, the schools’ enthusiasm in promoting their options, and student feedback. For complete contest details, click here.