We all know it’s best to adopt dogs from animal shelters—and never buy them from pet stores or breeders. But did you also know that rescued pups are super-sweet, hella smart, and full of personality? Need more convincing? Take a look at some of the rescued pups we share our office with.

Warning: Heart explosion might occur. Proceed at your own risk.

I introduce you to the doggie yearbook of peta2 pups:

1. Most likely to succeed: Kiwanis

kiwanis cute

Kiwanis will one day take my job, and you know what? I’m totally OK with that. This adorable and super-smart pup is the office’s overachiever and always a teacher’s pet companion animal. Well, at least when there’s a treat involved!

2. Most likely to fall asleep in class: Pixel

pixel sleeping

The world can be falling apart, but you’ll still find Pixel sleeping under Zach’s desk. It’s OK, Pix, go back to dreamin’.

3. Best a$$: Julian

You know what to do with that big fat butt? Make my life miserable because you’re so damn cute and I can’t just kidnap you and never let you see your guardian again! Oops, did I say that out loud?

4. Most likely to be like Regina George: Maple Bastrup

maple mean girls

Cuteness takes doggie form in Maple Bastrup. Don’t be fooled because she may seem like your typical overprotective, take-sh*t-from-no-one dog—but in reality, she’s a super-lovable, high-energy ball of adorableness. Plus, pink is her favorite color! SO FETCH!

5. Most likely to go to jail: Ramona

ramona drunk

Keep your eyes open, because Ramona will jump you in the hallway! She takes sh*t from no one and makes sure to let you know that when she’s here, she’s queen bee and everyone better get in line. Rumor: She might be in the third season of Orange Is the New Blackwatch out, girls!

6. Best smile: Max

max dog cute

Show me your teeth!

Oh, Max, you lady killer! There’s no denying it: This pup has the best smile this world has ever seen. *Swoon.*

7. Best dressed: Lola

lola cute

Lola is like a beautiful unicorn who only shows up when she feels like breaking your heart with her adorable, life-threatening cuteness. When she walks into a room, there’s no denying that all eyes are on her! Please be my friend, Lola!

8. Most preppy: Little Penny

penny cute dog

Penny’s lightning speed and playful attitude brighten everyone’s day! She’s like that one person who somehow is friends with every clique. We could all learn a thing or two from this little taquito.

9. Most likely to travel the world: Sophie

sophi owned by peta

Sophie is the coolest pup on the block, and she’s always ready for the next big adventure!

10. Most likely to throw shade: Baxter

baxter throws shade

No one can throw shade and make you feel horrible about yourself with just one look better than Baxter. You haven’t seen a look this powerful since Zoolander and Tyra Banks’ smize!

11. Best couple: Penny and Ryan

ryan and penny

These two just simply can’t be apart—best franz 4 lyfe!

penny derp face

 12. Biggest party animal: Piper

piper party animal

Piper is the most chill dog in the office. Our theory? She totally brings the party when we’re not around. We’re on to you, Pipes!


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