Last year, Domino’s got some major flak for its Cow Appreciation Day tweet. But that didn’t stop them from Tweeting about cheese pizza along with the hashtag #CowAppreciationDay again this year.

in 2017, the pizza chain tweeted out a “thanks” to cows, saying, “Without cows, there would be no CHEESE PIZZA.” Vegans of Twitter were not stoked. We suspect reactions will be similar this year. Here’s what people had to say:

Australian musician and guitarist for the band I Killed the Prom Queen Jona Weinhofen was quick to call the food chain out. He asked it to show its appreciation for cows by not abusing and slaughtering them.

domino's cow appreciation day

The reply with the greatest number of comments was from someone requesting that the chain add vegan cheese to its menu.


And this top commenter wasn’t alone.

Many other people tweeted out similar requests for nondairy options.

Others tried to reason with the pizza chain by explaining that many companies have already made the shift to including vegan options.

And some of those companies chimed in to verify that being vegan requires zero cruelty, is suitable for everyone, and is the fastest-growing lifestyle in the world.

Caring Twitter users tried to inform the company that using cows for dairy foods is cruel and unnecessary.

Others explained that Domino’s simply can’t appreciate cows if it’s exploiting them and paying for their abuse and death.

Some people were infuriated that the company would capitalize on a day to appreciate cows when, in reality, countless cows die every day for companies like Domino’s that use dairy foods.

And some used GIFs to show just how cringe the whole situation was.

It’s understandable that there was such an uproar over Domino’s’ insensitive tweet.

Perhaps the pizza chain doesn’t know that millions of cows are abused in the dairy industry for foods like cheese pizza. Baby cows are typically torn away from their mothers on the same day that they’re born so that their milk can be sold to humans instead. This causes extreme distress for both mother and calf.

Male calves are killed a few months later for veal, and females are put back into the industry and used for their milk. Most cows on dairy farms endure extreme neglect and abuse before they’re slaughtered.

baby cow on dairy farm

Using cows for dairy foods is completely unnecessary, since so many delicious nondairy cheeses exist. Domino’s, please listen to your Twitter community (and all other compassionate human beings out there) and start offering vegan cheese in the U.S.!

In the meantime, use this guide to learn how you can order vegan at Domino’s, Papa John’s, and Pizza Hut.