D.R.A.M.—the 2016 Grammy Award–nominated artist behind one of this year’s most wildly popular songs, “Broccoli“— is bringing a whole new meaning to the word “green.” Since it has 145 million views (OMG!), you’ve probably seen it, but what you haven’t seen are the outtakes of D.R.A.M. and his friends—which make for a perfect PSA. Everyone can benefit from eating a gram or two—hell, even a pound—of this plant, which is widely accessible and perfectly legal in all 50 states.

Started steaming your broccoli yet?

Plant foods contain no cholesterol, whereas meat, eggs, and dairy foods contain large amounts of it as well as saturated fat. So following a plant-based diet reduces your risk of getting heart disease, cancer, obesity, hypertension, or diabetes. And speaking of green, vegan meals also reduce your carbon footprint, as the meat industry is responsible for a huge amount of greenhouse-gas emissions.

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Going vegan is easier than ever. Do your part for your healththe environment, and animals. It’s never too early (or late) to make the compassionate choice to eat plant-based foods in order to give your health a boost and spare animals unnecessary suffering. It’s also never been easier to give up meat, eggs, and dairy foods: There are countless vegan options in grocery stores and restaurants across the country. And peta2 has so many free delicious vegan recipes to try!

Check out peta2’s Guide to Going Vegan to get started!