Dulce María has been in the spotlight since she stole our hearts in the hit telenovela series Rebelde. Well, now this singer-songwriter is using her voice to speak up for elephants abused in the circus. That’s what we call a rebel(de) with a cause!

“Imagine being chained to a concrete floor, unable to move freely—and when you are able to move, imagine being under the constant threat of being hit with a bullhook, a sharp metal weapon used by circus trainers to beat elephants into submission.” —Dulce María

Check out these reasons why YOU shouldn’t go to circuses that use animals:

  • Animals are trained using whips, ropes, bullhooks, electric prods, and other weapons as well as food deprivation.
  • Baby elephants are torn away from their mothers and beaten into submission by trainers with bullhooks.
  • Animals are loaded into cramped boxcars and chained for many hours or even days!
  • When animals fight back against humans, they end up hurting people and themselves. Animals are sometimes shot and killed after these tragedies.

Animals are NOT ours to use for entertainment—period.

Although wild animals can no longer be used in circuses in Mexico, animals continue to suffer in circuses across the U.S.—including in the Ringling Bros. circus, which is not only forcing elephants to perform until 2018 but also continuing to exploit other wild animals, such as tigers and lions.

Pledge never to attend any circus that uses animals!

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