Nothing makes me more excited than hardcore with a positive message, which could be the reason that I’ve been accused of being stuck in the 90s. During this time period, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for bands to have lyrics and artwork that touched on topics like straight edge, politics, and animal rights, and hardcore shows weren’t complete without tables full of pamphlets about these issues. With this in mind, it goes without saying that one of my favorite bands of all time—Earth Crisis—happen also to be pioneers of the vegan straight-edge movement.

With their newest release, To the DeathEarth Crisis channels the days of Gomorrah’s Season Ends and Destroy the Machines, adds in some modern flair, and still manages to touch on the topics that are still the closest to their hearts—animal rights and straight edge. Staying true to their roots, the band has partnered with peta2 by starring in a print PSA with a quote from singer Karl Buechner: “Veganism is the essence of compassion and peaceful living. Animals are living creatures who have the right to live in peace.”

Earth Crisis PSA
If the PSA doesn’t get their message across (and it should!), you can also find a peta2 “Meat Is Murder” sticker in the packaging of To the Death! See, Earth Crisis is what I like to refer to as “conviction defined”—ready to stand up for their beliefs and offer no apologies. Don’t believe me? Karl sings in the last line of To the Death, “Vegan to the death!” How’s that for conviction?

I don’t know about you, but listening to bands with a strong message like Earth Crisis inspires me to do everything I can to help those without a voice. One of the best and easiest ways for you to help the planet, your health, and animals is to take our Pledge to Be Veg—you won’t regret it!