… to animals! Living a conscious, cruelty-free lifestyle in order to benefit animals is waaay easier than what most people imagine it to be. In fact, just small everyday choices can be the deciding factor between supporting cruel industries and helping animals. It’s not an all-or-nothing deal: Anything you do to minimize suffering counts. Here are some easy things that ANYONE can do. Like, FOR REALS:

1. Ask for soy or almond milk at your local coffee shop instead of that nasty-ass dairy creamer.

Starbucks Collage

2. Buy cruelty-free cosmetics instead of creepy ones that come from companies that test on animals.

Eyeliner Collage

Hint: Just flip the package over to see if it has a “cruelty-free” bunny logo, or use our guide as a resource. Easy peasy, lemon squeezie.

3. Ditch eggs and use canned pumpkin in your baked goods instead.

Pumpkin and eggs

Tip: Bananas, apple sauce, and dairy-free yogurt all work equally well as egg replacers!

4. Adopt. DON’T shop. Like, ever. Like, SERIOUSLY. When you buy animals from a store, you are directly supporting the puppy mill and animal breeding industries.

Pic 4
Animal Shelter | Photo by: Dave Parker | CC by 2.0 

Truth: Puppy mills and other animal breeders are the root cause of the homeless-cat and -dog crisis. Every time you buy an animal from the store, another one in a shelter dies while waiting for his or her forever home.

5. Save animals with the peta2’s FREE  iPhone app.

peta2 App Collage

6. When shopping for clothes, stick to cotton, synthetics, faux fur, pleather, etc. … Basically ANYTHING besides gross animal skins.

Cotton and Wool Sweaters

Hint: Check the label, and if it says “wool,” “angora,” or “leather,” put it back on the rack.

7. Don’t leave your dog outdoors.

Piper and Baxter

Companion animals are part of the FAMILY. They belong indoors, just like you

8. Report cruelty to animals when you see it.

Juniper Collage

9. Don’t go to circuses, zoos, or SeaWorld. Choose reputable animal sanctuaries instead! 

Cow and Lion

When you support these industries, you are directly supporting the suffering of animals.

10. Don’t eat animals.

Burger Collage

What’s the easiest way to save more than 100 animals a year? Go vegan! It’s that simple.


go vegan pledge