Frobar and Missy, two elderly yellow-footed tortoises, are confined to tiny barren tanks at a Petland in South Point, Ohio. In the wild, these two would roam freely through dense forests, exploring, foraging for food, digging in mud, and basking in the sun, but at Petland, they’re allowed to go only for short “field trips” or walks around the store with balloons tied to them … WTF?!

The store owner claims that these animals have been in his custody for decades, and we understand that one of the tortoises may be as old as 100! Sadly, Frobar and Missy have been captive for too long to be released into the wild (they wouldn’t know how to find adequate food, water, or shelter on their own).

Please urge Petland to retire these tortoises to a reputable sanctuary so that they’ll have a shot at true happiness in their final days. At the very least, Petland should provide Frobar and Missy with much larger environments, with lots of natural vegetation, rocks to hide behind, and water to soak in.

Please send polite comments to:

Joe Watson
Petland, Inc.
[email protected]

Dwight Burk
348 County Rd. 410, #7
South Point, OH 45680
[email protected]

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