Born and bred in South Carolina, the down-home boys in Emery were raised on a steady diet of bacon, eggs, and hamburgers, and never thought about where their food came from or how it wound up on their plates until they met peta2.

Emery AdAs Christians, these Southern sweeties were totally familiar with the concepts of compassion and kindness, some of the reigning themes on their album, The Question. But they never knew how animals were treated before ending up on their plates. That’s where we came in. We handed them leaflets, gave them a private showing of “Meet Your Meat,” and had a little heart-to-heart chat about animal rights with the guys. And guess what? Last time we checked in with them, Toby and Joel were both completely vegetarian!

These guys didn’t just decide to give the vegetarian lifestyle a shot—they went one step further by posing for an ad, which asks people to take a stand against all cruelty to animals. And to make the deal even sweeter, we’re the only ones who have the b-roll from the photo shoot. So hurry along and check out an awesome interview with Joel and Toby. Pay attention—you won’t want to miss the dirt on their secret dreams of becoming rappers. Say what?