When it comes to giving uninformed dog guardians the cold, hard truth, Emma Kenney is totally shameless—and we love her for it! The Shameless and soon-to-be Roseanne spinoff star is back with a super-sassy rant about leaving dogs in hot cars. Check it out:

Leaving Dogs in Hot Cars Is NEVER OK

“[D]ogs left in hot cars have no way out. … [D]eath could be knocking on your car’s scalding-hot door.”

Hot In The Car 

During the spring and summer months, leaving a dog in a car is dangerous—no matter where you live. Cars can reach extremely high temperatures, making them potential death traps for animal companions left inside.

On a mild 75-degree day, the interior of a car can reach 109 degrees in just 30 minutes! Because dogs can’t sweat as humans do, their bodies can overheat very quickly. Animals trapped inside hot cars can suffer and die from heatstroke in just 15 minutes.

Always Take Care of Your Dogin Every Situation

“A person would have to be entirely thoughtless, completely heartless, and utterly shameless.”

dog in hot car

All puns aside, Emma has a huge heart for animals, and she wants you to be mindful of your animal companions’ well-being. Dogs need compassionate guardians to keep them safe, so please do your part. Here are a few tips:

  • Never leave an animal in a parked car for any amount of time. Even if the windows are slightly open, dogs can die within 10 to 15 minutes.
  • If you see a dog trapped in a hot car, take action. Have the owner of the vehicle paged in nearby businesses and/or call 911 immediately. If the animal’s life is in immediate danger, find a witness who can back you up and then do whatever is necessary to get the animal out. Your actions could save a life!
  • Spread the word. Now that you know how to help animals trapped in hot cars, share this article with your family and friends.