The bad: Corporations still poison and kill animals for cosmetics and household products just to make a profit. There’s no law in the U.S. that requires that these items be tested on animals—and there are many effective, humane testing methods available that could be used instead. And get this: There’s hardly any legal protection for animals who are used in experimentsNo experiment, no matter how painful or useless, is against the law—and painkillers are not required.

So why do companies continue to test on animals? Short answer: ? ?. Companies want to be able to sell their products in China—where tests on animals are required for imported cosmetics—so that they can make a bigger profit. The government isn’t protecting animals from these cruel experiments, so it’s our duty to do something about it.

The good: There are TONS of easy ways to take a stand against the companies that choose profit over compassion and to help end animal testing. How? Check out these ideas, for starters:

1. Buy cruelty-free cleaners for your home.

Vote with your dollar. Every time you make a purchase, you’re telling a company exactly what you support—and what you don’t. It’s supply and demand. If you don’t buy products that are tested on animals, fewer of those products will be made. There are TONS of cruelty-free companies that will help you get your home and your conscience clean—like Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, method, 365 Everyday Value (by Whole Foods), and The Honest Company. Check out some more of our faves here.

2. If a company tests on animals, raise your voice.

See something? Say something! Let’s call out the companies that aren’t doing the right thing. Consumers deserve better—and so do animals. You can start right now by telling Victoria’s Secret that you won’t buy while animals die.

3. Buy only 100 percent cruelty-free makeup.

Beauty shouldn’t have an ugly side. Don’t buy from companies that pay for tests on animals (which ain’t pretty), like Avon, MAC, or CoverGirl—instead, try Urban Decay, Too Faced, Kat Von D, NYX, or e.l.f. Here are some of our other favorites.

4. Order our FREE cruelty-free shopping guide.

cruelty-free pocket shopping guide

It’s easy to cross cruelty off your shopping list with our handy travel-size shopping guide. When you order one, we’ll also send you five guides to fighting animal testing to share with your friends and family to help them shop cruelty-free, too. There’s strength in numbers, so order now!

5. Don’t kill anyone while on your period. Instead, switch to cruelty-free feminine products.

Organic tampons, chlorine-free pads & pantyliners. Protection you can feel good about!

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Many of the major tampon and pad manufacturers pay for cruel tests on animals. 🙁 Instead, try cruelty-free tampons and pads from companies like Natracare and The Honest Company. Get our full cruelty-free list here.

6. Educate, educate, educate.

Tag some friends on the Insta post above so that they’ll know to stay away from brands like CoverGirl. Most people want to make compassionate choices, but they may not be aware of how animals suffer and die in cruel product tests. Help open people’s eyes by making them open their notifications.

7. Give cruelty the stank face! Don’t buy deodorant from cruel companies.

You can smell fresh without sentencing anyone to death. Don’t buy deodorants or fragrances from companies that test on animals. Try animal-friendly brands like Tom’s of Maine, Schmidt’s, or Herban Cowboy. We’ve compiled a list of our very faves here.

8. Download the FREE peta2 app.

With the peta2 app, you’ll never miss the latest victories for animals or new ways to help them. You’ll even get updates on events in your area so that you can take to the streets to speak up for living beings. Get it here.