Animals are remarkable. They’re intelligent, they love their families, they value their lives, and they have the same capacity to feel love, joy, pain, and fear as we do.

So why then, if we have so much in common with animals, do we eat them?

cow quote

Most of us are raised to believe that animals don’t deserve the right to live their lives freely without fear of what humans will do to them. Thankfully, countless people every single day are realizing why this “logic” is majorly flawed.

Bottom line: Animals are here for their own reasons, not ours, and we shouldn’t eat them. Here are 16 reasons why:

1. Because this baby lives in a dirty, fly-invested veal crate.

veal calf

Jo-Anne McArthur | We Animals 

2. Because this goat is about to be slaughtered.

goat slaughtered for food3. Because these ducks, rescued from the foie gras industry, need their livers.

ducks foie gras rescued4. Because this rescued cow escaped from a burning transport truck bound for slaughter.

cow slaugterhouse rescued5. Because this cow isn’t so lucky.

cow slaughter6. Because this rescued chicken had her beak burned off without any painkillers.

chicken rescued debeak7. Because this rescued rooster survived a factory farm that collapsed during Hurricane Katrina.

chicken rescued8. Because this pig just arrived at the slaughterhouse.

pig slaughterhouse9. Because the mother-calf bond is instantaneous.

cow calf dairy farm10. Because these other mother cows look on. They’ve all had their babies taken away from them just hours after birth.

cows veal dairy farm
We Animals | Jo-Anne McArthur 
11. Because these cows don’t want their baby taken away.

cows veal dairy farm12. Because he was taken away anyway.

veal calf13. Because calves raised for veal spend their short lives in a small pen and are then shipped to slaughter.

veal calf14. Because this calf can’t even walk to his prison.

veal calf15. Because this is where he’ll stay until he’s slaughtered for veal.

veal calf
© Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals 
16. Because later that day, the fly-covered calf from the first image is now dead.

veal calf

You’ve seen these heartbreaking images. Now what?

  • If you’re already vegan, pat yourself on the back for not supporting industries that steal lives from the helpless. If you haven’t already, be sure to join peta2 to connect with tens of thousands of other activists all fighting for animals, just like you.
  • If you weren’t vegan before and are thinking of making the switch now, you also deserve a pat on the back. Take a step toward your new, compassionate life now by pledging to try vegan.

go vegan pledge

  • If you know people who are on the fence about going vegan, share this blog with them and give them the final push that they need toward a better world for themselves, for the planet, and—most importantly—for animals.

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