Famke Janssen - Be an Angel for Animals AdX-Men star Famke Janssen’s list of acting credits is as long as her legs and just about as diverse as an actor’s résumé can be. Dramas, comedies, action flicks, television shows—she does it all. But it’s her latest role as peta2 spokesperson that we think you’ll be most interested in. Famke and her beloved dog, Licorice, star in peta2’s latest “Be an Angel for Animals” ad to remind everyone that companion animals deserve lots of love and attention and should never be isolated in a lonely back yard or on a chain.

Famke makes sure that her dog Licorice gets the star treatment all the time; in fact, he rarely leaves her side. But other companion animals aren’t as lucky. Every day, millions of dogs and cats suffer from cruelty and neglect at the hands of the people they trust to take care of them. But it doesn’t have to be that way—you can help improve the lives of the animals you share your life with as well as neglected and abused animals everywhere by being an angel for animals.

Start at home by making sure the needs of the companion animals in your life are being met. Animals should be spayed or neutered, receive proper veterinary care, and get plenty of attention and exercise every day—that means a nice long walk for your canine pal, so that he or she can stop and smell things along the way. Dogs are pack animals who would much rather be in the house with you than stuck outside in a pen or on a chain, so keep them—and your feline friends—inside.

So come on! Be an animal’s guardian angel and make Famke proud. We’re sure you’ll earn your angel wings before you know it.