Vegetarian musician Chad Kowal of Farewell, My Love

Chad Kowal, vocalist from Farewell, My Love, has a story. A story about inspiration. A story starring peta2 pal and all-around wonderful soul Davey Havok. You see, Davey has been outspoken about his vegan lifestyle for as long as any of us can remember, and that really makes an impact on people.

One of those people happens to be Chad. Check out his story!

What else inspired Chad’s plant-based lifestyle? peta2 and Vans Warped Tour, of course! You know we’re out there every summer spreading the word about animal rights, and it’s absolutely inspiring when we see firsthand the effects that our outreach has.

Davey Havok kind of became an idol to me .… So I kind of became aware of the cruelty that was going on behind the scenes with animals, and I didn’t want to take part in that.

Have you found inspiration from any of peta2’s Heroes? Or perhaps it was out in the scene or running into peta2’s tour crew hard at work while out with Black Veil Brides, Steve Aoki, or Warped Tour?

No matter what inspires you to help them, animals need you! Your advocacy and everyday lifestyle choices make a big impact, and abstaining from eating animals as well as wearing them (by not wearing leather, fur, wool, or angora) and using them for entertainment (by saying no to circuses, zoos, and aquatic animal parks) says a lot!

Davey inspired Chad to stop eating animals. What inspires you?

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