To label Chuck D a rapper sells him short. He is also an author, a lecturer, a producer, a publisher, a radio personality, a composer, an actor, the founder of Slamjamz Records, and, most importantly, a leader and activist whose followers span generations. Thankfully the passionate Public Enemy frontman has consistently been a voice for the people, telling it like it is and saying what others are often hesitant to say, making him dangerous to some and a hero to others. His lyrics cover topics like oppression, ignorance, empowerment, respect, and equality—all of which pertain to the animal rights movement, so naturally we couldn’t pass up the chance to pick his brain when we met up with him a while back. Chuck D told us that he sees parallels between the oppression of animals in factory farms and the oppression of people throughout history and that big business is the “common denominator.” Have a listen.

On their most recent album, The Rebirth of a Nation, Public Enemy address social justice issues such as Hurricane Katrina, making it perfectly clear that these pioneers of hip-hop are by no means out of things to say, nor are they slowing down—which is good news for people and animals alike. So what are you doing to make a difference in the world? If you’re not sure where to start, we can help you with that first step … take the Veg Pledge! It´s much easier than you think, and going vegetarian is the best thing that you can do for animals, for the planet, and for your health too. Just click the button below to get started changing the world.