Renee Olstead's Fish Are Friends Not Food Ad

She’s wowed us for the past five years as Madison on the TV hit The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and her talents don’t stop there (have you heard her sing?!). She’s chatted with peta2 about why she loves animals and won’t eat anything with a face, and now Renee Olstead is starring in her first peta2 ad! Renee wants YOU to know that fish are friends, NOT food!

Ever hear an annoying “vegetarian” talk about eating sushi, as though fish aren’t actually living beings? News flash: No different than dogs, cats, cows, or pigs, fish have emotions and feel pain, just as any animal does, including you!  It’s crazy how these interesting sea animals are so often overlooked by “animal lovers” as not counting as “meat.” It doesn’t make any sense because every year, more than 6 billion fish are killed for—wait for it—their flesh. Gross.

Against factory farms for cows, pigs, or chickens? Commercial fisheries are no different than factory farms, with severe crowding, disease, and filthy conditions. They all contribute to the pain and death of animals. Renee tells us, “Fish that are killed for food die the same way any other animal would … it’s all suffering. And why would you want to eat suffering?” Check out our Q&A with Renee to see what else she has to say:

Renee makes such a strong point about how fish aren’t vegetables! Vegan diets are full of yummy protein-rich veggies and tons of other protein options—whether it’s tofu, seitan, kale, hummus, or lentils (the delicious list goes on and on!). So there is no reason to eat the flesh of ANY animal, whether they’re cute and cuddly or covered with beautiful, shimmering scales.

Besides, eating fish and other sea animals is absolutely terrible for your health and the environment:

  • More than 40 percent of all the fish consumed each year are raised on land- or ocean-based aquafarms where they spend their entire lives in crowded, filthy enclosures. Many suffer from parasitic infections, diseases, and debilitating injuries. (Aquafarms are factory farms for fish.)
  • Conditions on some of these factory farms for fish are so horrendous that 40 percent of the fish may die before farmers can kill and package them for food.
  • Commercial fishing vessels practice bottom-trawling in order to catch sea animals who live near, on, or under the sea floor, such as flounder, cod, grouper, shrimp, and scallops. Scientists say that the destruction caused by bottom-trawling is similar to that caused by clear-cutting old forests, only on a far greater scale.

See?! Fish aren’t swimming vegetables, and they don’t belong on your plate! Make the connection and join Renee and all of us at peta2 by giving a vegan lifestyle a try.