What’s your worst fear? Failing all of your classes? Your phone dying while Snapchatting with bae? Warped Tour tickets being sold out? How about being eaten ALIVE?!

The horrifying nightmare of being eaten alive became a reality for this fish. In a gut-wrenching video, you can see a chef slicing up and plating the animal—all while he or she is still fully conscious and gasping for air.

WARNING: This is difficult to watch.

The fish in this video isn’t the only animal who has had to live through this horror: Frogs, lobsters, octopuses, and other animals are eaten alive by humans all around the world.

Animals in the commercial meat industry are killed in nightmarish ways. Fish-slaughter plants in the U.S. make no effort to stun fish, who are completely conscious when they start down the slaughter line. Their gills are cut, and they’re left to bleed to death, convulsing in pain. Large fish, such as salmon, are sometimes bashed on the head with a wooden bat called a “priest”—and like the fish in the video, many are still alive when they’re cut open.

Lobsters’ and crabs’ final minutes before they’re killed are often excruciatingly painful. In crustacean slaughterhouses, workers sometimes rip apart their bodies while they’re alive and struggling, and it’s not uncommon for them to be boiled alive. This would be torture for anyone, but lobsters and crabs lack an autonomic nervous system, which means that they don’t have the ability to go into shock and can likely feel being boiled to death or cut apart more than a human would.

YOU have the power to help prevent animals like the fish in the video from suffering.

All you have to do is go vegan! It’s the easiest, most effective way to save animals—plus, it’s fun. Check out our Guide to Going Vegan to get started.