Are you one of those people who thinks that going flesh-free means staring at a list of foods you “can’t” eat? Think again! This week’s Flesh-Free Friday blog is about to rock your world. If you miss Big Macs, but not enough to chomp into a dead cow, peta2 is coming to the rescue!

“The Game Changer” Replace:

Other Ingredients:

Sesame seed buns (1 top and 2 bottoms)

Lettuce leaves

Diced onions

Tomato slices


  • Prepare the veggie burgers according to the instructions on the package. Before they finish cooking, place a slice or sprinkle some shreds of vegan cheese on the top of each burger. If you’re preparing them in a skillet, pour a tiny amount of water into the skillet and place the lid on for about a minute. The steam will help melt the cheese. This is a technique that a number of restaurants use, and I think it’s pure genius!
  • Take one of the bun bottoms and slather some vegan Thousand Island dressing on it. Place a lettuce leaf on the bun, add a veggie patty, then onion and tomato slices, and pickles. Place the second bun bottom on top of that and repeat the layering with all the ingredients. Cap it all off with the bun top.

Makes 1 serving or 2 if you’re willing to share

I encourage you to make this for your friends, or at least share a picture of your masterpiece with them. Sooner or later, they’ll ask you to serve them this—and maybe other tasty vegan dishes too! Brag on, friends!